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Therapeutic/Medical Massage

Release stress and tension, alleviate pain, align posture, increase vitality -- address a specific medical need in conjunction with physician prescription.


Swedish Massage

An aromatic, medium pressure full body massage, using therapeutic grade essential oils for relief of tension and improved circulation. Promotes relaxation


Deep Tissue/Acupressure Massage

Performed by working thru each layer of specific muscle, releasing toxins and lactic acid that builds over time from workouts, physical activity and stress. Increases mobility/flexibility and relieves tension where movement is restricted. Stretching is utilized to restore movement of connective tissue.


Sports Massage

Runners, weekend warriors, athletes, bodybuilders, bicylists-enhance your performance, prepare your body for exertion, aids in recovery; pre or post massage sessions will help in preventing injuries.


Aromatherapy Massage

Rebalance, revitalize and relax with this ancient therapeutic treatment. A blend of pure aromatic oils will help to balance the body and stimulate the immune system.


Pre-Natal/Postpartum Massage

To assist in the adjustments and changes of the body during pregnancy. To ease the pressures of additional weight, fluid retention and to improve circulation. Emphasis is on relaxation, specifically targets the legs, feet and back. We use a pregnancy-adaptable table to accommodate the growth of the fetus.


Thai Yoga Massage

A relaxing and energizing treament. The therapist uses hands, knees, legs and feet to move the body into a series of yoga-like stretches. Passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines are used. Increases flexibility, relieves muscle and joing tension -centers the mind and body. Performed on a padded floor mat - wear comfortable clothing.


Hot Stone Massage

Offers deep relaxation while receiving a true muscular treatment. Uses smooth, heated stones to facilitate healing. Larger, lava stones are placed on chakras, in hands and between the toes. Trigger points are addressed with the warm of the stones as utilized by the therapist. A truly fulfilling experience.


Couples Massage

Share the environment of calm and relaxation side-by-side with your significant other or a close friend. We create a soothing, candle-lit, warm and inviting atmosphere to compliment your service. A truly connecting experience.


Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap

Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your body with a purifying seaweed and mineral poultice, sealed in a warm, relaxing wrap. Infused with aromatic botanical extracts and fruit enzymes, this treatment leaves the skin smooth and supplements. Customized with aromatherapy oils. A hot shower and hydrating body butter rub completes the service.


Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

Our most popular deep cleansing, exfoliating body treatments - removes dead skin cells (dry, rough and callous skin) ... leaves the body soft, smooth and radiant... a hot shower completes the service, followed by moisturizing body butter. Choose between Mango Ginger/Cranberry/Peppermint or Vanilla Sugar Scrubs.


Sea Algae Wrap

Stimulates circulation, remineralize the skin, eliminate toxins and relieve stress. A totally relaxing body wrap, followed by a hot shower and hydrating body butter ...


Spa Mini

Mini Facial, Upper body massage, scalp massage, foot reflexology/massage


Seventh Heaven

A head-to-toe treatment -- steam bath, aromatherapy facial, therapeutic, relaxation massage, manicure/pedicure .... our most popular package


LaStone, LaStone, LaStone

Hot stone massage, hot stone facial and hot stone pedicure -- a half day of total relaxation -- surrender!


The Ultimate Body Splurge (all day)

Whirlpool bath, aromatherapy massage, exfoliating salt scrub w/shower, European facial, spa manicure, spa pedicure .... (includes lunch, champagne split, wine or beverage of choice) --Oh, what a glorious day .....



Cleansing facial w/steam, exfoliation and moisturer, Spa Pedicure, 30 minute massage .....


For the Expecting Mom-To-Be

One hour soothing, relaxation massage (w/pregnancy adaptable table), cleansing facial, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure ....TOTAL PAMPERING !


Man of My Life Package (father, son, etc.)

Deep-pore cleansing facial,steam bath, relaxation massage, manicure/pedicure


Couples Massage

Share a relaxing massage, side-by-side, with a loved one, significant other, or a best friend, in front of a warm,cozy fireplace, in a candle lit room ...listening to soft, calming music while receiving the benefits of therapeutic touch!


Couples Massage w/Pedicure For Two

After your relaxation massages, stimulate your feet to complete the treat .... again, side-by-side while enjoying your beverage of choice ...(manicures can also be included in this package ...again, side-by-side)


Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub

Mineral-rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and silken the entire body. Includes dry body brushing, friction massage and gentle cloth buffing - while relaxing in the wrap, enjoy a soothing scalp massage ... a hot shower removes all excess product, followed by the application of body butter to seal in the hydration.


Brown Sugar Scrub

Aggressively exfoliate the dead skin on the entire body -- antibacterial and great for a variety of skin conditions. Formulated with six luxurious oils plus omega oils and botanical extracts...... awesome for dry, flaky skin conditions ... followed by hot shower and a moisturizing butter rub .....


Classic European Facial

A revitalizing treatment for the face -- consultation, skin analysis, deep pore cleanse, steam, hot towels, exfoliation, extractions, massage and masque...includes foot, hand and arm massage .... toner and moisturizer complete this relaxing service ...


Aromatherapy Facial

Soothing, stimulating, healing aromatic, essential oils will stimulate circulation and revitalize the skin cells ... pressure point facial massage will restore the skin's healthy radiance.... masque, toner and moisturizer will reveal your skin's natural, healthy glow....


Traditional Manicure

A necessity for ALL -- includes clipping, shaping, filing, soaking, cuticle nip, hand massage and polish application.


Spa Manicure

Same as traditional, with the addition of a Paraffin wax wrap w/heated gloves or hot mud wrap, to soothe those dry cuticles, leaving the hand fresh, renewed and invigorated ..... great for winter months ....


Warm Lotion Manicure

Focus is on softening the cuticles with a heated, softening lotion, instead of warm water .... great during the winter season ... all other features of a manicure are performed ....


French Manicure

A classic favorite of brides-to-be (and others) ... includes nail shaping, cuticle removal, hand and arm massage and a French Manicure polish style, in white or off-white...


Shellac Manicure

Shellac is a no chip gel polish that is cured under light ..... there are numerous colors and it usually lasts up to two weeks ... there are numerous colors to choose from .... the nails are preped with a manicure before the Shellac is applied ..... there is no down time for drying ! They are instantly dryed after the process...


Traditional Pedicure

This relaxing foot treatment begins with a cutomized foot soak, followed by nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle nip and a double exfoliating foot scrub .... foot and let massage follow, finishing with a polish application (if desired) ... all 50,000 nerve endings in the bottom of the feet are addressed ...


Spa Pedicure

This unique foot treatment has the same features as a traditional pedicure, with the addition of a Peppermint foot scrub and a warm, soothing paraffin masque/or hot mud masque and the addition of steamed hot towels .... leaving the feet soft, the body relaxed and reenergized ....


LaStone (hot rock) Pedicure

Same as our traditional pedicure, with the addition of heated, warm, basalt stones massaged along the legs and feet and placed between the toes..... soothing, stimulating and comforting ...... makes a great gift ...


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